Your mileage may vary!

Looks can be deceiving. It has been pointed out to me by a few people that the image in the last segment doesn't display. Well, with some investigation I have discovered that Internet Explorer doesn't handle the tags as expected.
I can only confirm this on Windows XP versions of IE. Sorry to those of you that still are forced to use Microsoft's browser. If you run Windows I can tell you that Netscape and Firefox both work fine, but with IE "your mileage may vary!"

I am working on a fix for it now, but meantime trust me the picture of Brewster and Barney is really cute! Hey, perhaps the next topic can actually be related to pets!

Thanks for looking!!

UPDATE 2/09/2006: All seems to be working as expected now. Yeah!! Please post comments if you have trouble viewing and let me know your system and browser settings.