Every Site Has a Beginning!

I seem to spend my "spare time" lately working on this site. I like doing it. Originally I started this site in 1998 as a hobby and only got so far with it. Recently I have had a renewed interest and have made significant changes. The new found interest probably stems from finally changing to a host that supports my SQL allowing me to use the forum software I like most.
The Discussion Forums are now up and running again, powered by vBulletin.

The latest change is the blog format for the main page. I feel like this is good way for me to update content with current and relevant topics while leaving previous "topics" available for review in an archive format. Blogs seem to be very popular as of late so perhaps their popularity will bring some additional appeal to this site. I hope to provide interesting and relevant content and as such am always open to suggestions. Starting off was easy but bringing everything together has taken some time. Let's run with it!!

The image in this segment is by far one of my favorite pictures. The photograph credit goes to Donna Hardman of Tega Cay. How she got Brewster and Barney to pose so perfectly is a mystery. Although I have to admit they are perfect little patients! I have an 8 x 10 print of it on the refrigerator in the clinic and it gets a lot of comments (good of course.) Feel free to comment!

Thanks for looking!!